Erik Tenant



Human Name

Erik Tenant





Hair Color


Eye Color

Red (It's from Prussia, dammit!)


November 15 (Unification of Gerbritania)


180 cm

Gerbritania is a fan-made country in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the country of Gerbritania, who was originally made from a Make-your own country idea.


Gerbritania is known to have spiky blond hair and red eyes he is said to have inheirted from Prussia (though he hates to admit it) On the left side of his cheek, he has a long gash scar he got from France during the Seven Years War. He is seen wearing a green military outfit (which is offically dark green instead of this color)- along with a red dress shirt with a blue tie to go with his black gloves and brown combat boots.


500 years ago, long before the Seven Years War, a lone explorer who was native to the United Kingdom discovered an island filled with natural resourses and strange animals in 1501. He retrived some of the resourses and brought back a hybrid animal known as the Halenstanian Fennec Fox-Squirrel. He brought back this animal from Halenstane (Which was the name of the country at the time) and showed Queen Anne Boleyn this mysterious creature.

As she discussed this important matter to her husband Henry VIII, King of England at the time, he decided to give this land to Fredrick Von Pippinstein (The explorer), while in agreement with the Holy Roman Empire's emperor. This was the start of Gerbritania.

Pippenstein became the king of Halenstein, which later on became formally known as the United Kingdom of Great Roman-Britain.

In 1756, Gerbritania was invaded by France due to it's allegiance with Prussia (Which he called "The Tutonic Allegiance of Awesomeness") and England during the Seven Years War. Gerbritania was very close to losing, but the brother he never met, Rascoria, came to save him.

Later in 1875, Gerbritania and Rascoria decided to become independent from Germany and Great Britain, and eventually became known as the United Nation of Gerbritania and Rascoria. Though from that, Gerbritania became a bit of a shut-in.

Personality and Interests

Gerbritania is known to be quiet and anti-social, only talking when things get out of hand or when things get too crazy. He is known to act flustered around Canberra (in which he has a secret crush on her than only New Zealand and Japan know of) and easily angered when around France or "Uncle Prussia".

He happens to Archery, J and K-Rock to Pop, and culinary arts. Some people (England) says that he drabbles in the art of Alchemy, which is why there is a houseful of Homuculi running around his mansion. Gerbritania is also known to be a big fan of Doctor Who and anything Anime, Manga, or Video Game related.

He loves Sake and rarely beer (but only during the festivals) and tends to sneak around during his visits to America to see for any good first-person shooter games.

As for normal couples, he is often paired with Canberra (Gerbri/Canber, or Guilty Shy Love) and with Yaoi, Gerbri/Austri (Crazy Crocadiles and Sarcasm's Doctor), or Gerbri/Zealand. Only Gerbri/Canber is currently up for those to, but it's mainly One-sided.

Japan (Kiku Honda)

Gerbritania and Japan are mainly friends and tend to come over to each others houses to conduct new ideas for new Video games and MMORPGs.

England (Arthur J. Kirkland)

The two of them are allies, but mainly bickering brothers most of the times due to their Magic V.S. Alchemy arguments (in which Japan says is ironicly like Deidara and Sasori's arguments around Art).

'Germany (Ludwig 'Beilschmidt)

Germany and Gerbritania are closer as brothers, but really don't talk as much as they due (since most of the time Italy has to drag them together just to talk to each other).

Australia (Jack Kirkland)

These two have a pure love-hate relationship with each other enough that New Zealand has to drag them apart most of the time. They are both very overprotective of Canberra though.

Canberra (Lanni Kirkland)

Canberra currently only sees the two of them as friends, though Gerbritania had a major crush on here that only New Zealand and Japan know about (which is the reason half the time he gets threatened by New Zealand).

New Zealand (Kaelin Kirkland)

Like with Australia, the two have a love-hate relationship, but a lot milder than with Australia. The two of them tend to be paranormal partners (when Torchwood can't be everywhere at once) and most of the time have to help America from getting invaded and not knowing.

Shugo Yoshikawa

Shugo and Gerbritania are human-to-country penpals and the main reason why and how Gerbritania know how to recreate a real sonic screwdriver under England's nose (though was forced to hand it over after he found out). Shugo had many secrets and even his/her location is unknown, though it is said that he/she lives somewhere in Southern America. Shugo's name is known to only be a penname as well.


It is said that Gerbritania sometimes goes to "Zircus des Feuers" when it comes around to his place.

Though you never see him, Gerbritania actually has a Fennec Fox by the name of Zepher.

There is a secret fanfiction that was never put up (due to a Tetris Match in a American Storage) called "The Dairy of Gerbritania" that shows some most of Gerbritania's daily life.

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