Human name

Otto Beilschmidt-Lukasiewicz




May 15



Hair color


Eye color



163 cm

Gdansk is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the city of Gdansk, a city on the Baltic coast of northern Poland. His human name is Otto Beilschmidt-Lukasiewicz.


Otto has blonde hair and blue eyes, like his uncle Germany, but his relationship with him only goes that far. In reality, Otto doesn't know who his real father is, although he's currently with Poland. He gained a little independence before World War Two as the Free City of Danzig.

He wears a Polish Navy uniform, whether he is at war or not.

Personality and Interests

Because he is an important seaport in the Baltic, Otto is a seafarer and a very good port attendant. However, because he was separate from Uncle Ludwig by Mr. Feliks, he is considered by the other nations as the root cause of World War Two. He did make it up to them as the birthplace of the Polish Solidarity movement, which eventually led to the collapse of communism.


Federal Republic of Germany (Ludwig)

Main article: Germany

Otto is a good nephew to Uncle Ludwig, and because he followed him in the Nazi way, he was the reason why Ludwig attacked Feliks and began World War Two. Nowadays, they rarely see each other, but they're still close.

Kingdom of Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt)

Main article: Prussia

Gilbert is responsible for molding Otto into a more Germanic person. And although he's now part of Germany, Gilbert still makes contact with Otto.

Republic of Poland (Feliks Lukasiewicz)

Main article: Poland

Otto is currently one of Feliks's cities. As the reason why Ludwig attacked him, Feliks may bear a little grudge against him, but it's not really obvious. He did forgive him when he helped overthrow the Communist yoke on Feliks.

The Polish Corridor (Wladyslaw Lukasiewicz)

Main article: Polish Corridor

Otto and Wladyslaw are good friends, but they've had a little animosity during the interwar period.

Gdynia (Slawomir Lukasiewicz)

Main article: Gdynia

Slawomir likes to help Otto out during port operations, and also acts as a guard for him due to his naval background.


  • Otto's birthday is listed as May 15, the day that King Casimir IV of Poland granted Gdansk the Great Privilege of autonomy.

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