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Gangnam District (강남구)

Im Jae-sang


Gangnam gu

Human Name

Im Jae-Sang




South Korea (Relative)
Seoul (Brother)

Eye Color


Skin Color


Hair Color



Gangnam District,Seoul,South Korea

Gangnam District is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Power.He represents the gu of Gangnam in Seoul,South Korea.He particularlly known for his songs "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman".He is based on real-life singer PSY.


He usually wears coats in different colors,slacks,and bowties.He is also fond of wearing glasses.he has slick back black hair,black eyes and white skin.he is usually a little chubby in his apperance.He looks always smiling or grunting.

You can usually see him doing the famed horse-dance.His catchphrase is "Oppa Gangnam Style".


He is personally known for the song "Gangnam Style".While Japan sees this as a joke,Other nations like Italy,usually beg to differ Japans' statement.Seeing him as a very talented person and a very influential place.He is also known for his sense of Humor,often cross-dressing different female singers like Hyorin,Sandara Park,Beyonce and Katy Perry,to make peolpe smile.He is also a sneaky prankster,and is also seeing pulling pranks on other,especially on Japan.He is known for his great sense of fashion,a reference to the Districts lavish lifestyle.


Im Yong Soo [Korea]Edit

Im yoong soo is the cousin of Gangnam.They also get along with each other.Gangnam tends to act very mature on him,since Korea's personality is very child-like.

Honda Kiku [Japan]Edit

Because of him thinking that Gangnam Style tends too look like a joke.He starts pulling pranks on him.

His rest of his relationship is unknown,but his widely popular around the world.


  • He is based on the Gangnam Style Hitmaker Psy
  • Gangnam is located in the south-eastern part of Seoul.
  • When Japan says Gangnam Style looks like a joke,it usually refers to the lukewarm reception of Gangnam Style in Japan.
  • There are memes of Hetalia doing Gangnam Style online.
  • The idea of Gangnam pulling pranks on others is reference of the music video of Psy new Song "Gentleman".
  • He adores Ga-In and HyunA.
  • Gangnam Style has 1,548 million views and Gentleman has 203 millions views (tied with Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and the Russian Comet this year) on youtube,making him more popular.
    • However,in 2014.Gangnam Style has reached 2 billion views on youtube.

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