Fukuoka Prefecture is a fan-made character for the series Hetalia-Axis Powers and World Series. She is the second-oldest prefecture next to Osaka and Kyoto and is Nagasaki's second caretaker. Her human name is Tarri or to some people, Terri Honda. Her name may be Terri in the Western Order.


Fukuoka has brown shoulder-length hair that is tied up into a small side ponytail with a Camellia on it and a curl popping out of it, brown eyes, and fair skin. Her normal wear is a  knee-length blush pink dress and pink flats with Camellia flowers on them. Her formal wear is a knee-length black dress with a small blue sweater and black flats. Her casual wear is a green yukata with floral patterns. She looks about 18 or 19 in human appearence.

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