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"Don't get me started, Kind. I'm old."

Name: Kirsten Beilschmidt
Age: 28
Height: 5'3
Family: Kingdom of Prussia, Kingdom of Bavaria, Germania


Kirsten Beillschmidt, or the representation of the Dutchy of Franconia, is a short woman. She has really light blonde hair that goes to her shoulder blades, normally tied back. Franconia has sharp, intendive dark blue eyes normally worn with reading glasses. On her face is clear white skin, despite that she is quickly aging. Come on, this is anime we're describing here! She has strong cheekbones and a 'Germanic' nose. 

Kirsten has a leaner body build, much like Prussia. She is normally wearing a Dirndl, or a traditional dress women in Bavaria, Austria, Northern Switzerland, and Liechtenstein wear.  She wears reading glasses to look mature, and unlike most middle age women, she does not shame her age. Franconia loves children and wished her divisor by three turned into kids. (Upper, Middle, and Lower Franconia.)

Frnaconia is a rather socialable person, but acts a lot like Germany. She is somewhat of a neat freak and appreciates the finer things in life. Also, she loves fairy tales. She hates that her older brother Bavaria actually sided Prussia during the war of Austrian Succession, and this war made her somewhat of a femminist. 

She has a grey cat named Gretchen. Mean Girts anyone???


Franconia is a socially sour person and sticks her nose up at anyone who questions her rebellious ways. 


Franconia's elder brother. She was irked at him during tthe War of Austrian Succession. and much distased by him now. She doesn't consider herself Bavarian, and he cannot stand her overmannered ways.


They have a cleaner relationship than with Bavaria at least. He sees her as a burden and suggests she come ou of Bavaria. Back in Prussia's day of strict work, Franconia wished t be big and strong like him. But then, they debate on whether Beer or Wine is better.

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