Florence by Clodington on deviantart

Florence is a Fanmade character (by Clodington on deviantart) for the anime series titled Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya. She is a representation of the capital city of Tuscany, Italy. Her human name is Marzia L.S. Vargas



Florence has long aurbern hair with two large ringlets at each side of her face, and a pony tail that curlsinto singular large riglet which falls down to her lower back (arno river which flows through the centre of the city). She has a crown-like band around the begining of her pony tail to represent her province and she has a curl in relation to her brother Italy. Her skin tone is pale as it is a common feature within her city and her eyes are a deep brown. Her dress is a deep/ light red and white (colours of crest) in a Renaissance style to show her importance in the era. Her dress is very flowy at the bottom and goes to the floor, her shoes are in a pump-like style and are a deep red.


Florence had always been a very intelligent woman and isn't to be taken as a fool. She is known to be relatively aggressive when agrevated but is generally a calm cityand doesn't tend to join pights unless needed. She is thought to be the most boring of the Italian siblings due to her love of history and the arts, but she is a loyal and compassionate companion. She does have a temper and can occasionally go too far in arguments; she doesn't take kindly to arrogance but likes a comfident individual.



Though the two are close in the geograthical scale they aren't close in their relationship. The two siblings have been rivals for many decades and after Florence came to subjugate Pisa in 1406 the two have become bitter to each other. When near one another, the two will always find a reason to argue or get into a brawl.


The two began their relationship during the Renaissance era as Florence's tallents were shared throughout the world.

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