Europe is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers and she represents the continent of Europe.


Human name

Lyddie Collard (French), Elizabeth Smith (English), Adalia Klein (German), Concetta Bianchi (Italian), Anica Florea (Romanian), Darya Sokolova (Russian) and Adara Brakus (Greek)






5 feet 5 inches


115 pounds

Languages spoken

English, French, Italian, German, Romanian, Russian, Austrian, Hungarian, Greek and Latin


Being the smallest continent in the world, Europe is rather short, a fact that she hates. Although she seems to make up for it for being rather attractive, as she has mid-back length blonde hair, light blue eyes, caucasian skin and a slim physique. She often wears French blouses with a slight ruffle on the end of the sleeves and the hem, black skinny jeans held up by a silk scarf (a different one everyday), black boots, a white Chanel quileted handbag, a pearl necklace and every now and then, black Chanel sunglasses. At night, she wears a black shift dress that goes down to her ankles with small ruffles on the hem, black heels and a diamond necklace with a blue diamond that looks suspicously like the Hope Diamond. Her favourite scent is Armani's diamond.

Personality and Interests

Europe is very classy and the way she dresses reflects that. Despite being the shortest of all the continents, she is proud of her continet's history, culture, art and fashion and shows them all off whenever she can. She is a hard person to figure out, but once you gain her trust she's a loyal ally and long as you don't make fun of her height.


Arthur Kirkland (England)-Arthur is a country Europe is particularly proud of and she praises him to high heaven when she gets the chance to.

(Will be completed later)

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