Feline friend base by deadtreachery bases-d5k2qtr

PonyHybrid!Aquamarine and Neko!Japan. On her tube top is her flag.

((Yes I am aware that Equestria ISN'T a real country, but I haven't seen any C's for Equestria so I created her.))

Equestria is an Axis Powers Hetalia OC by ~Princess Darknight on DeviantArt. Her Human name is Aquamarine Sparkles (アクアマリンスパークル) but mostly she is known as "Aqua", "Miss Sparkles" ((Used mostly by Britian)) and "Sis" ((By Canada and America))

Appearance Edit

Aqua's hair is blond with neon pink highlights. Her eyes are mint green, based off of Lichtenstein's eyes. She wears pink rectangle glasses.

Her usual wardrobe is a light purple dress shirt with a matching pink tie, A short purple school girl skirt, with long socks and flats or heels.


Base 14 by ladylemmon94-d5hujjx

Equestria and her older brothers, America and Canada.

America: America is Equestria's wild older brother, who taught her everything she needs to know about being random! When ever she feels insecure, he's always there comforting her.

Canada: Her older, but quieter brother who always is there for her. Canada is usually picked on by America and Equestria, but he's gotten used to it.

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