Elysion is a fantasy country, but I wanted to make her any ways.

Main info Edit

Elysion does not have many relatives, and lives with her sister, Abyss. She is polite to everyone she meets, and appears very lady like. She does however have a bad temper, but it takes some effort to make her angry. She loves to read, clean, and be around her friends, she also secretly has a crush on someone. However, she is to shy to tell anyone. She doesn't talk much, and never tells anyone what she is really thinking. She is quite clever, and smart, and mostly the opposite of her twin sister.



Elysion has medium length hair, that goes down to the middle of her back. Her hair is a mix between light brown and red, and if she stands in sunlight it looks red. She is skinnier than most girls, but is not under weight. It's difficult for her to go clothes shopping, but is commonly seen wearing a white and black, knee length dress. The dress is accompanied by white stockings and black shoes, which makes her look a lot like a porcelain doll.

Other Information Edit

Human name: Alice McGee Height: 5 1/2 ft Weight: 135 Age: believed to be 16-21 yrs old Birthday: April 9th

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