Elleore(full name: Kingdom of Elleore) is a fan made character, created by AMBC. He is the younger brother of Denmark and a real life micronation. His human name is Bartram Køhler.

Appearance Edit

Elleore has short, light brown hair that comes out in a triangle shape and a long ahoge that droops down to his waste; the ahoge represents the bit of land that sticks out of the micronation. He wears a green jacket over a white t-shirt, blue pants and brown shoes. He has blue eyes that greatly resemble Denmark's.

He and Iceland are around the same age, with Elleore being the slightly older one of the two despite being born years after Iceland.

Personality Edit

Unlike Denmark, Elleore is much more polite and calm. He is a bright teen who prefers to think things through. Although he loves his family, he can get exasperated easily by them, especially by Denmark who causes particular embarrassment for Elleore.

Although they are polar opposites, it is shown that Elleore is, like his brother, a very stubborn person.

He is also a reluctant adventurer, preferring to stay in the safety of his region without much success.

Elleore is known for being very insecure about his human name, mainly because of its meaning, so he prefers to be called by his micronation name.

He has a fondness for birds, especially swans and gulls(a reference to the swan and gull population in Elleore).

Relationships Edit

Denmark: Elleore's older brother who found and raised him sometime after the Second World War. Elleore often gets embarrassed by Denmark's wild and carefree nature, to the point of trying to avoid him. Despite this, Elleore usually spends more time with Denmark than with the other Nordics and often shows concern for his brother when necessary. Denmark in turn, tries to act like a responsible big brother for Elleore and is always there for him. Denmark prefers to call his little brother 'Elly' for short.

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