Fun loving Micronation her hobbys include Videogames, Manga, Anime and hanging out with friends. Shes a geek and proud of it. She is from New York City, New York bu
t after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 she moved to Arizona. Her best friend is a Micronation named The Kingdom of Greater Texas even though they haven't seen eachother in a long time. She is strictly Anti-Abortion and she dosn't drink. She goes to war alot she hates fighting but most times has no choice. Like her father America she is obsest with Aliens, Ghost and Zombies... She even thinks they are real. She is a Mary Sue and weeaboo with no redeeming qualities.


  • Monslin: Elizas mother she loved her very much when she died on 9/11 she left on her own to Arizona (Monslins president died on 9/11 and the country gave up).
  • The Equalist States of Jaydanya: Elizas twin... they have had two wars and they don't every much like eachother.
  • The Republic of Omega: Met online in a chat room... There friends but she kinda hates him. They have a few kids together because she used to be in love with him but no more.
  • Domanglia: They have one kid, she kinda is in a love hate thing with him.
  • Adjikistan/Amir/Modovia/Libertas: She is friends with him but thinks he changes his goverment to much.
  • Pashmea: She enjoys poking her with sticks and annoying her. Needless to say Pashmea hates her more then anything.

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