El Salvador Edit

  • Name: Republica de El Salvador
  • Human Name: Erica Murallas
  • Religion: Christian
  • Age: 18
  • Gender:Female
  • Birthday: September 15
  • Sisters:Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
  • Language:Spanish
  • Personality: Hard Working, friendly, slightly depressed but getting better, loud, when mad gets very scary and violent, serious when needs to be, family oriented


El Salvador was found by Spain as a little girl. After she and her four sisters fought Spain for their freedom, they were captured by Mexico, whom they fought and won the next day. She later entered depression for a year, which was her civil war, at age 16. She is recovering but she is still a very serious person.


She has straight long dark brown hair, olive skin, and brown irises. She usually wears a woman's buisiness jacket with a white undershirt and a matching buisiness skirt that goes a little under the knee, ussually dark blue but sometimes red, and rarely yellow. She also wears a silver cross necklace around her neck and a machete in a shief around her waist.


  • Guatemala and Honduras:El Salvador is quite close to Guatemala and Honduras, although she does see them as annoying. Honduras and El Salvador once went in to a 100 hour war and it is a sensitive topic for the both of them. If mentioned El Salvador and Honduras will both brush it off and move on to another topic.
  • Nicaragua: El Salvador does care for Nicaragua but she thinks Nicaragua is a whore, in retaliation, Nicaragua think El Salvador thinks El Salvador is a dangerous person.
  • Costa Rica: Although El Salvador hates Costa Rica's haughtiness, El Salvador cares a lot for her.
  • America: El Salvador is very good friends with America and she has a crush on him.
  • Israel: El Salvador is a very good friend of Israel.
  • Japan: El Salvador loves anime with a passion and admires Japan's talent.
  • Mexico: El Salvador detests Mexico and can't stand his cooking. When Mexico starts feeling arrogant, mischievous, nostalgic, or too proud, El Salvador either punches him in the stomach or hits him in the face with the back of her machete.


El Salvador loves pupusas and will get mad when Mexico try's to make some, because Mexico can't make pupusas. She also likes to drink coffee, although she doesn't drink it that often, she only drinks it when she needs to stay up late for work, or if she is tired and needs to wake up. She is also a big fan of soccer. She enjoys dancing especially at festivals.

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