East Germany, also known by Sami Braginsky, is a fanmade Hetalia character. Sami was born when communist Russia invaded the eastern part of Berlin, and eventually, eastern Germany. Sami has blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and has a pale complexion. Sami was found dancing in a meadow by Russia, who found the large land mass he controlled irresistable. Russia then took in East Germany, and they lived at Braginsky's house together. But, after a while, Russia and his neighbors turned cold, and started to be bitter to yound Sami. Russia, focused on other matters, let Belarus take care of the little country, but Belarus left little Sami in poverty. Sami is very childlike, as is appearence is that of an 11 year old. Sami is adorable, and has attracted the attention of France. Ukraine has a soft spot for East Germany, as she feels sorry for him. Sami usually wears ratty clothing, with a torn up military cloak from France, glasses from America, and long pants from England, representing the thee countries that occupied his neightbor, West Germany. It is known that Sami has a puppy named Fluffles, who is white with brown spots.

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