Devon's life often seems rather repetitive, he spends many a day farming and tackles evenings with a cup of tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other. He is hardworking yet somewhat under-appreciated as well as underpaid. In the little spare time he has, he enjoys walking, football and caring for animals - real ones. He owns a white dove named Dart and a black labrador called Baskeville.

Social life Edit

Devon does not often interact with other countries and is sometimes forgotten by the rest of the UK. He is somewhat awkward and struggles with small talk outside of his own group of friends. However it is commonly known that Devon has a love-hate relationship with his neighbour Cornwall. On the one hand, they could disagree to the brink of murder, but on another day they are the best of friends (usually after a pint or two of beer). Devon often talks to former occuppied island Madeira, who finds Devon's rants about football and antiques, otherworldish and quite entertaning.

Opium warsEdit

Devon devoted a large amount of his time to the two Opium wars, both actively and industrially. He may boast jokingly to Hong Kong, but Hong Kong doesn't care: he'd rather forget Devon exists.

World War 1Edit

In World War 1, Devon's co-operation was pivotal to the success of the War effort. He worked meticulously to produce crops in ever increasing yields for the rest of the country. He is conceited in general and won't take praise for his work, but many other counties see him as a war hero - he doesn't notice though and prefers to stick to his simple life.


He has brown hair and blue eyes, he has a strange affinity to checked shirts and outdated headwear.

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