Devon is said to be quite pretty, though she is a little self concious. She has blonde hair, but it is darker than her brother's. She  the same eye colour, but without the bushy eyebrows. She has a scar on her left cheek that Denmark gave her when they used to fight, though they still do, verbally. She wears a pale green shirt aand dark green tie, like England, but wears shorts and combat boots as well. She often has a shovel and a Jack Russell terrier with her. Her hair is clipped back on the right, in a clclip similar to Norway's, though it is the cross on her flag and is completely symmetrical. She is quite short but is stronger than she looks. A common Devon stereotype is that the women tend to be slightly chubby and prone to blushing alot. Both are true for Devon, though you'd be surprised in that most of what looks like chubbiness is actually muscle from agricultural work.


Often in world meetings (when occasionally stepping in for England) she is asleep or close to it, and can be a little cold at first but once she trusts someone she'll warm up. She hates asking for help and is still living in the shadow of the British Empire, and her days as a young celtic region, when she used to fight with countries like Denmark and Germania, and even Rome a couple of times. She is quite patient, but once her temper snaps it takes a while for her to calm down. She is rather partial to alcohol, particularly cider, which she often refers to as scrumpy. When drunk, which takes quite a bit of alcohol, she tends to rant about agriculture, and reminisce about when she was younger. Often followed by falling over or off things. 

History (Basic)

1: Celt

2: Roman occupation

3: Danes walking all over her demanding money

4: More fighting

5: Sailing, exploring, pirating.

6: Victorian era.

7: Modern, relying on agriculture and tourism.


(Most of which are from when she was traveling, as Devon has a history of explorers and pirates)

England, Scotland, Denmark (Though she'd never admit it), Prussia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland (Through Denmark) France (Through England) Canada, Australia (Friendship/Rivalry)

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