Denmark/Greenland is a fanmade pairing for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz involving the two characters Denmark and Greenland.


Both Denmark and Norway were in charge of Greenland, but Norse settlements vanished at one point. Denmark still clung onto the claims to Greenland which he took from Norway and visited Greenland. Denmark introduced himself to Greenland, who asked where 'Big Brother Norway' had gone to. Denmark told 'him' that Norway was no longer around to look after 'him', and that from then on, he would be 'his' older brother. It took some time for Greenland to get used to Denmark, but eventually 'he' looked up to Denmark as an older brother and called him 'Big Brother', which made Denmark happy.

During and After World War ||Edit

During the second World War, Greenland's ties with Denmark was severed when Germany occupied Denmark. Denmark had tried to contact Greenland, who was occupied by America, but to no avail. Denmark was so worried about Greenland that he went off his food for a few days. Greenland, too, missed her big brother greatly. When the war ended, Denmark was concerned that Greenland would die as a country if she were to open up for other nations, so he maintained strict Greenlandic trade with Scotland.

Shortly later, Greenland was made a part of Denmark and was granted home rule, granting her partial freedom from Denmark.

America's OfferEdit

After World War ||, America took interest in Greenland, seeing her geographical postion and current state. He then offered to buy Greenland for a large sum of money, but Denmark refused, as he felt that he would be a failure as Greenland's brother. But he did allow America to build the Thule Air Base in Greenland.

Present DayEdit

Denmark and Greenland still see each other often and they have a strong brother-sister relationship. Denmark still cares for her as a sister and wants to continue being her 'big brother'. On the other hand, Greenland wants Denmark to be happy and allows him to treat her as his younger sister.

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