(Darkanineland is a fake country made by me,Darkanine :P)



Deak DeHart



National animal



Deak is a fairly tall kid with bright red hair and emerald green eyes he has fairly dark skin but is white he usually wears very plain brown clothing that makes his uncle,france cringe

Background Edit

Darkanineland is near afirca and is considered an afirca island was founded by france in 20xx however he gained his own rule with in a few years since then he grew at a alarming rate gaining a amazing economy due to several natural reasouces such as gold,diamonds and platnuim

Personality Edit

Deak is a calm,layed back person since his economy seems to keep growing due to his high invesment in university he doesn't have to worry about such stuff he is also very kind and giving he helps with some African econmies. He really wants to help somalia but somalia doesn't wanna accept it and said "This is the only life i know anymore".He is also in love liechtenstein but is scared of switzerland he is also very smart a

Relationship Edit


Deak loves liechenstein he finds her beutaful,smart,kind and much more though she doesn't know if she likes him back despite this their good friends and lienchenstein cares very much for him


While france fond him they have much more of a uncle nephew relationship since they rarely see each other anymore and when france visits they talk about art and music deak doesn't like france's womenizing attitude and it honestly really annoys him but he never brings it up and mostly enjoys his company


Deak is scared of switzerland due to his extremely overprotective attitude but really swizz is okay with deak as he see's him as a good kid.

Marukatie chikyuu(In progress)Edit

Hey Hey mama can i have some tea?

Hi Paa Hi Papa

I can't forget the taste of that chicken i ate before!

Draw a circle its the earth

Draw a circle its the earth

Draw a circle its the earth

My name is Darkanineland!

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