Svetla Tesar is a fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and she represents the former country of Czechoslovakia.


Human name

Svetla Tesar

Age appearance



4 feet 5 inches


74 pounds

Languages spoken

Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and German




Svetla is very petite and has pale skin. Her hair is dark blonde/light brown, is slightly wavy and reaches her shoulders, her eyes are green and she has delicate features.

Svetla wears a short puffy sleeved white silk blouse under a black corset, a light blue plea

ted skirt, white tights, black Mary-

Janes with a small black choker.

For more formal occasions she wears a light blue and white gingham short puffy sleeved dress, an artificial rose brooch, white knee high socks, white ballet flats and a light blue silk scarf tied in her hair.

During WWII, she wore a black long sleeved jacket with all of the gold buttons done up over a white long sleeved dress shirt, black pants, black boots and a swastika armband on her right forearm.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Svetla is a very innocent and sociable looking little girl, however, she is actualy very shy and timid and normally remains at home. Other than that, she is very playful and loves playing and spending time with her children Hedvika(Czech Republic) and Milos(Slovakia). She also loves hearing fairy tales, her favourite being Sleeping Beauty, and most often is found reading such stories in her garden next to her favourite flower, the Rose.

When she was occupied by Germany, Svetla became withdrawn, emotionally restrained and she was somewhat traumatised. To this day she doesn't know how to express her emotions properly and is still reluctant to approach Ludwig. She used to have a fondness for Russia, her relations with Ivan now fluctuate from feelings of brotherhood, to hatred and distrust of him.

As Svetla is no longer a country, she stays home a lot and she enjoys being alone. She loves to read and has read many novels, she has often said that she consideres Dante's Divine Comedy to be 'light reading'. She does, of course, read Czech and Slovak novels.


'Svetla' is a Czech girl's name and it means 'light', this is an obvious reference to how she is Hedvika's and Milos's 'light'. 'Tesar' is a Czech last name and it means 'carpenter'


Hedvika Libuse Jelinkova (Czech Republic)Edit

Hedvika is Svetla's daughter, the western half. She cares for her deeply and she, along with Milos, protested against losing her to Ludwig and Ivan. Hedvika and her share a very strong bond, Svetla feeling as though it was her duty to protect what she created.

Milos Pokorny (Slovakia)Edit

Milos is Svetla's son. After Svetla was liberated from being under the rule of the Soviet Union, Milos punched Ivan in the face and yelled at him; "How dare you do all of that to my light?! You're not a nation, you're a monster!". Svetla appreciates this and she spends much of her time with Milos.

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