Czech Republic and Slovakia are fanmade characters created by GunnerHead of deviantArt for the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. In September 2013 it was revealed that Czechia's human name is Tamara Kvitova and that Slovakia's human name is Bronislava Nedved.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Both girls are medium height and both have rather large breasts, invocative of their mountains. Tamara stands at 5'8" tall, and takes offense to anyone who dares ask about her weight. She has long, almost strawberry-blond hair and navy blue eyes, almost like Norway's. She has a rather light complexion, as does her cousin Bronislava. Bronislava stands 5'10" tall, appears to be around 120-130 lbs. (she has a similar reaction to her weight question as Tamara), long black hair, and garnet eyes. Japan occasionally calls Bronislava "Azu-nyan" because of this.


Both Tamara and Bronislava are not the easiest people to get along with. Tamara is very much a tsundere girl, almost as bad as Romano, England, Switzerland, and Germany when drunk out of his skull. She's especially at her worst whenever she's anywhere near Liechtenstein, whom she can ruthlessly bully every time the latter asks for her old territories back. (Apparently Tamara confiscated about nine-tenths of Lili's original lands after World War I.) She also despises Belarus to the point where Poland has to physically restrain her in order to prevent her going borderline psychopathic on Natalya, as she was the first to attack her during the Prague Spring. She also despises Prussia and Germany for their invasion during World War II. In public she will even go as far as to belittle Bronislava.

Bronislava, on the other hand, is an ill-tempered shrew who isn't afraid to shoot her mouth off. This has gotten her in much trouble in the past, and she's especially that way around Tamara in public. I nprivate, however, their personalities change somewhat: Tamara becomes less like the ticking time bomb she normally is, and Bronislava actually treats Tamara much better. Unbeknownst to most nations (with the notable exceptions of Hungary, Austria, Prussia, and Poland) Tamara and Bronislava are actually a homosexual couple in spite of the fact that they're biologically related (they're cousins). At Hetaween 2012, however, America discovered the two girls making out in his broom closet and took a few pictures without their knowing--and then showed them to everyone, thus revealing their big secret.

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