Cuarteron Reef

Huayang Jiao
Đá Châu Viên
Isla ng Calderon


Cuarteron Reef (Huayang Jiao, Đá Châu Viên, Isla ng Calderon)

Human name

Wang Huayang (Chinese)
Nguyen Chau Vien (Vietnamese)
Felipe Calderon dela Cruz (Filipino)




March 11



Hair color


Eye color



80 cm

Cuarteron Reef is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the representation of Cuarteron Reef, which is a Chinese-occupied island in the South China Sea. His human name is Wang Huayang, although Vietnam likes to call him Nguyen Chau Vien, and Philippines likes to call him Felipe Calderon dela Cruz, or Phil for short.


Huayang has short black hair and brown eyes. Before, he wore a white shirt like his father, but when China "adopted" him, he had him wear a traditional Chinese costume.

Personality and Interests

Huayang is very quiet. He didn't mind when China built a submarine replenishing base near his house, but he wants to be reunited with his father and siblings.


Spratly Islands (Danny Sachs)

Main article: Spratly Islands

Huayang wishes to be reunited with Danny after he was "adopted" by China in 1988.

People's Republic of China (Wang Yao)

Main article: China

Yao "adopted" Huayang in 1988 and quickly set to work turning his house into a submarine replenishing base. However, this finding, which was produced by Vietnam and Philippines, has not yet been confirmed.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Nguyen Viet)

Main article: Vietnam

Viet protested Yao's "adoption" of Huayang, and he and Philippines found out that Yao was building a submarine replenishing base in Huayang's house, but this has not yet been confirmed by other sources. He likes to call Huayang by his Vietnamese name Nguyen Chau Vien.

Republic of the Philippines (Maria Clara dela Cruz)

Main article: Philippines

Maria, along with Viet, found out that Yao was building a submarine replenishing base in Huayang's house, but their report was not confirmed by other sources. She likes to call Huayang by his Filipino name Felipe Calderon dela Cruz, or Phil for short.


  • Huayang's birthday is listed as March 11, the same as his father.

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