Croatia (Andro Novak)

Croatia in his traditional military uniform.

Croatia (クロアチア Kuroachia) is a fanmade character for the series Axis Powers Hetalia. One of the founders of Yugoslavia. His human name is Andro Novak (アンヅロ ノバクAnduro Nobaku), but when he was in the Yugoslavian house, he also used the surname Kleiser (アンヅロ ノバク/-クライサAnduro Nobaku-Kuraisa).



Croatia has short, brown hair and marine eyes. He's a serious nation with an aristocratic attitude, and he almost never shows his feelings, unless he's with either Bosnia or his younger brothers: Vukovar and Šarengrad. He fights with Serbia a lot, but they still get along well. May be cold, but when known better, he's actually a very nice guy.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Croatia is serious, but tends to have his happy moods sometimes. He loves eating fritule, and he may brag sometimes about inventing the necktie. He loves playing football, and he's a worldwide known rival of Serbia's, their rivalry is described as one of the fiercest in the world. He also loves reading, writing, cooking and having walks with his dalmatian, Puzzle.



Both have a shaky relationship, since Croatia is still blaming Serbia for the Croatian Genocide, and wants to hear he's guilty. Serbia claims Vukovar and Šarengrad as his brothers, Croatia also claims them as their brothers, so they are also fighting for fraternity rights. Also, Croatia recognise Kosovo as a Nation, while Serbia doesn't. Their relationship can be defined as being "friendly foes".


Croatia got unified with Hungary in 1102 when he was a tomboyish Kingdom, who fought a lot with Hungary (as the Kingdom of Hungary), occassionally with the Pope, with North Italy (back then, Republic of Venice) and Bulgaria. He lived for 816 years with her, but then he formed an independent kingdom alongside his two new friends: Serbia and Slovenia. In the modern days they keep being friends.


Their friendship has been very close for most of modern history, most of the Croatian heroes being Austrian, and Austria was strongly in favour of Croatia's independence.


Just like with Albania, Denmark and Croatia are best friends. Denmark fully supports him in the EU, and is focused in helping Croatia with developing public administration.


  • His birthday falls on October 8th, the date of his declaration of independence. But March 4th can be also considered as his birthday, since that's the date of him established as a duchy.
  • Because of him being an aristocrat and being the birthplace of Slavic Literature, the nickname Serbia uses for Croatia is "Aristocratic Literat".
  • Since both nations, already independent, will be on the same group in the qualifications for Brazil's World Cup, the football federations of Croatia and Serbia banned foreign guests from coming to the matches that will be held between those two, for the sake of their safety.

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