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Crimea looks and history Edit

Crimea or nyura is the sister between russia and Ukraine on half of her hair is blonde and the other white as well as she has one blue eye and one purple to show her relationship between her siblings. She also loves having her hair down.She had recently became part of russia when her and her siblings were in poverty she made a blanket for all of them though it could not fit her so she stayed cold while her siblings her warm. She has a Serbian husky as a gift from her big brother Ivan/russia. She's pretty innocent at times she even cared for Latvia after he said something stupid to russia. She's seen as a maiden she loves her trait to the sea and often draws the ocean wheat or sunflowers. She once suffered from being frozen so Ukraine helped her she loves Ukraine and russia in her mind nothing can change that. She was also originally apart of Ukraine but now it's Russia

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relationships Edit


Crimeas big brother she is now apart of his house hold they have a very sibling based relationship with him she once was givin his scarf to wear for 2 days at Christmas but she also has her problems with him like the gas bill but now she's part of russia no need to worry but she is just slightly a tiny bit scared of him. Her words were"I love my big brother but sometimes he scares me da?"


Crimeas favourite sibling she used to be apart of Ukraine. She did a lot of farm work with Ukraine but owned her own fish market to help support the two of them Ukraine is Crimeas role model. Crimea still misses Ukraine her favourite cloth is blue and yellow like ukraines flag she often cuddled her sister when it was cold


She's Crimeas least favourite sibling she doesn't like how she scares Russia or plays with knives she will easily lose her temper at the nation she once tried to stab belarus with her own knife

Yugoslavia family ectEdit

Her no longer distant family she misses she wakes up at night to dreams of them

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