Copenhagen Edit

Appearance Edit

Sibyl (or Litla Systir to iceland and the other Nordic picked it up over time [little sister in Icelandic]) is currently 16 in human appearance.She looks like her brother but her eyes are a grayish blue. She usually wears a pair of black shorts with a red top and a pair of combat boots to match her brothers style.

Relationships Edit

Denmark Edit

   Sibyl is very fond of her big bror (brother in Danish), and is often hugging him. She is always find Mattias doing something wrong and often has to scold him in it. On the bright side for Denmark, Copenhagen can't stay mad for a very long time and is easily forgiving.

Reykjavik Edit

Her best friend is Reykjavik (Rhapsody Steilsson). The two have been best friends since she was seven when that first met each other.they are always giggling with their siblings and the other Nordic capitals and countries.

Iceland Edit

In many times in her life she has shown that she has deep feelings for Iceland. Emil (Iceland) sees it as nothing more than friendly admiration until Copenhagen turns about 13 (human years). Sometimes Iceland returns her affection, but most of the time it's a hug or kiss on the cheek. As Copenhagen got older he soon started to like her back. Together the two help each other out when they need they other the most. Capital cities

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