The Confederate States of America (human name- Clementine Jones) is a fanmade Hetalia character representing the Southern United States. Clementine, also known as Clem, is a tall and elegant woman, who appears to be about 17 years old. She has very fair skin, red/blonde hair that is worn up in fancy curls, blue eyes, and wears rose pink makeup. Clementine has a very cheerful disposition, but can sometimes be bossy and snobby because of her wealth before the war. She loves fancy and frilly clothing, and usually wears a light pink lacey tierd dress, with a flowered hat and pearl jewelery. During the American Civil War, however, Clem lost most of her money, and slipped into almost poverty. Her friend, England, then helped her by sending troops and weapons. Clementine is known to be a love intrest of France, Britain, Russia, and even Romano. The only one she loves, though is Russia. Clementine can be often seen holding a glass of her favorite beverage, Iced tea with lemon. She is also known to be skilled at golf.

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