This is my interpretation of the Confederacy as a person. Anyone may use him, but please give credit to me AshenRainCloud. Please don't hate, we all have opinions, right? (:

Bio StuffEdit

Country: The Confederate States of America

Human Name: Landon Jones

Birthday: February 4th


Confederacy is a loud, rebellious young country. He's very racist, and hates America. He always tries to upset America and enjoys conflict. Confederacy is a sore loser and is touchy about the Civil War; it would be smart to never bring it up.

He enjoys putting down other countries and sees himself as superior since America is his older brother. Most countries tend to favor him more because he hates America even though he's rude to all the other countries. He tries to talk-back to America, but one look from America will send him scurrying off to hide.

Every now and then, he'll refer to himself as the hero who couldn't keep the "slaves" in line and that America isn't the hero at all and that he's the villain; America strongly disagrees.


He has chin length, choppy blonde hair that's a tad darker than America's and a "nantucket" ahodge that's placed on the opposite side of his head. In height comparison to America, he's about Britain's height, but he's younger. His eyes are the same bright blue like his brother's, but he doesn't have glasses. He's also tanner than America from spending time outside a lot.

He adorns a light grey button up shirt with the top three buttons always undone to reveal his chest and a tan jacket with brown fur trim. His pants are black hand-me-downs from America and he has to hold them up with a belt because of his brother's height and Confederacy isn't as big as himjust yet. The pant legs are tucked into black combat boots that he never ties up. Overall, his appearance is that of a rebellious young teen.

Well that's all for now. I'll add more later but this is just the rough draft of Confederacy.

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