Conch Republic is a fan-made character for the series: Axis Powers Hetalia. She recieves the human name Mia Johnson. 



Basic Sketch of Conch.

Conch Republic is a short teenage-looking girl with dark skin and light brown eyes. She has average-to-full lips, depedning on comparison, and textured, yet coarse hair that reaches just to her shoulders. Mia has an average build on the leaner side, and has stubby legs. 

The Conch Republic does have their own military and wears the U.S. military uniform. Though, she doesn't wear it often, she wears a white t-shirt with 'CONCH' written on it across the bust, brightly colored shorts and mismatched neon flip-flops.

When she declared independence, she wore a baby blue t-shirt and dark blue denim shorts. She wore a firefighter hat and yellow rain boots, and broke a stale loaf of Cuban bread over America's head.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Mia is a laid-back party girl who hates work. She is very warm and welcome to everyone she meets, in attempt to be seen as a nation. She can be a rebel at other times, especially around America. She tries to fit in with the Carribean and considers herself a country, and Conch lacks responsibiliy and doesn't act her age. She can seem a little shallow and consided a times, and boasts to other American micronations about her amount of tourists. 

Conch can throw down a water-gun fight and will definately kick your ass in jump-roping. She is often dancing and hula-hooping on the beach, life is just a party for her! Mia is often seen biking around her island, her curiousity leading to trouble.



She considers him a fun person to be around. In the Florida Keys, a 17-mile Traffic Jam occured, and the mayor of Key West declared themselves independent. Conch does hold a grunge against him when he invaded her in 1995, but ever so often will she challenge him to a water-gun fight.


Conch has a lot of Cuban influences, and here and Bahamas are where most of her citizens are from. She can most definately put up with his temper if it means she has gained a friend, though he does tend to blame her  'American' side when she screws up. 


  • Her name, 'Mia Johnson', consists of 'Mia', acknowledging Cuban influences, and 'Johnson' the most common surname of the Bahamas, is a reference to where most of her citizens are from.
  • Her birthday is April 23rd, Independence Day.
  • She constantly nags Cuba to teach her Spanish.
  • She is shown once to be humming "Margaritaville", by Jimmy Buffet, a reference to the 'Jimmy Buffet' effect of Key West.
  • She once made a Spongebob reference, "All hail the Magic Conch!"

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