Sakura at a park


Sakura's past:

Sakura's relationships:

Short IntroEdit

Sakura Nicole Honda is the personification of Tokyo. The twin sister of Kiku Honda.

The storyEdit

A bit arrogant at times. A short temper and impulsive, though she can be nice at times, she refuses to show her soft side to many people. She has a twin brother named, Kiku Honda. Their personalities are very different, but have everything in common. She teases her brother sometimes because he never got anyone to love, but she's very protective of him, as well as a few other people. She teases her brother about not having a girlfriend. If anyone else tries to tease him, she chases them off, she claims, "He's my brother. I'm the only one who can tease him!" Sometimes that works. Not everytime though. What many people have noticed, she doesn't have her brothers accent. Not at all. That reason is because she never stood in her own country, or was around the other Asian countries. Her past wasn't bright at all. Her mother died and her father separated her and Kiku. A certain asian country left Sakura to drown and Germany rescued her. After several years of living with Ludwig, he gave her to Spain. Due to WWII. She adapted to her new life in that country and became close to Lovino, Antonio, Ludwig, Arthur, Belgium and Gilbert. Gilbert soon started dating Tokyo and Tokyo soon became best friends with Belgium.

For the Arthur part - When she lived with Germany, Arthur came by along with America one day, the reason is unknown. Though, Arthur and Sakura got along fairly quickly, and pretty much ignored everyone else when they were talking. Arthur taught Sakura many things about his country and of course, magic.

For the Gilbert part - Germany introduced Tokyo to his older brother, Prussia. They became close immediately. You'd think she probably loved him because of the candy and for foreign candy he'd bring her, but no. Sakura loved Gilbert.

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