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Oliver Kirkland is a fan-made character of Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represents the city of Christchurch.


Oliver is Maori and has black hair, blue eyes and tan skin. He wears very patriotic clothes, like t-shirts of the New Zealand flag. However, in the wake of the Christchurch Earthquake, he has started wearing black and red. During times of war, he wears the New Zealand military uniform.


Human name

Oliver Kirkland


31 July 1856


5 feet 6 inches


120 pounds



Personality and Interests

Oliver is a very cheery and upbeat person, and also incredibly patriotic. He has a lot of inner strength and he doesn't like asking for help. He is also surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly when you take his city's name into account, religious. He, much like other New Zealanders, is very sporty. He also enjoys gardening and takes it very seriously.

The Christchurch Earthquake

Ever since the Christchurch Earthquake in February, Oliver has been doing a lot charity work in Chirstchurch and he has started wearing red and black. He has also aquired a few fairly noticeable scars in the aftermath of the earthquake.


Toby Kirkland (New Zealand): Toby and Oliver had a good relationship and they enjoyed going to rugby games together. Ever since the earthquake in March, they have started spending more time together doing charity work. He sees Toby as a father figure and looks up to him.

Charlie Kirkland (Wellington): Oliver and Charlie see each other as siblings and help each other out. They have a friendly sports rivalry and Charlie has also been helping out with the Christchurch earthquake.

Sophie Kirkland (Aukland): Oliver and Sophie have a love-hate relationship as Oliver often calls her 'a spoiled brat' and Sophie calls him 'a country bumpkin' but ever since the Christchurch earthquake, they have drawn closer and they fight less.


  • He is neutral in the 'Should Auckland be the Capital City of New Zealand?' debate.
  • He is neutral in the 'Should the Wellywood sign come down?' debate.
  • He is neutral in the 'Should the NZ flag change?' debate.

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