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Chicago a.k.a Bella Jones is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Power.She is Aflred's sister and she represents the city of Chicago.


Bella is an upbeat,brutally honest,bright yet somewhat dizzy girl,and is describe as "a daring wild child who is uncontrollable,funky and fun".She is street-smart rather than book-smart,much to the dismay of Austria,She is a trouble-maker,She is a dyslexic person,because of this she does poorly at school (except when her life is threatend),However it improves dramitcally,even if she doesn't need to be fake-murder.She is fearless and outgoing.Like Prussia,she is also fond of annoying Austria (usually by playing House Music)


She has light-brown hair,light brown eyes and white skin.She often wears k-pop inspired fashion.She's fond of wearing converse shoes so much that she always wears them.She looks Identically to Bella Thorne or Belgium.
250px-CeCe Jones Shake It Up Season 2

Bella Thorne as Bella Jones


Like Bonn,She is a talented DJ,she is even more talented than Bonn,Because of this,She became friends with Busan,Japan,France,Italy (both Feliciano and Romano),South Korea,New Jersey,South Africa and United Kingdom.She is actually the inventor of House music (Much of Austria annoyance),and she teach her friends how to DJ,She is also a talented dancer,America built her a dance studio for ther 12th birthday so can practice her dancing skills.She is also a talented singer


Like most ordinary teenage girls,She usually fond of Boys,Fashion,Shoes,Hanginng out with friends.She also talks about House music,Beyonce,Dancing,T.V shows and Funny videos.She always match-make on other people (she even match-make Busan with Denmark).


America [Alfred F.Jones]Edit

The two are actually sibling,America takes care of her due to her young age,on her 12th birthday she was suprised and happy that he build her a dance studio for her to practice on,in return,on his bithday,She also tought him how to DJ,when she taught how DJ,it accidentally became Detroit Techno.Examples of prominent artist of Detroit Techno are Juan Atkins and DJ Rolando

Busan [Dara Tae-Hee]Edit

Like CeCe and Rocky,the two are Best-of-Friends,almost never see without each other,when Bella always gets introuble,sometime both of them,she usually is the one who always thinks up a plan to get them out of a situation.When she taught Busan how to DJ,It became K-pop.Examples of K-pop artist from Busan is Sandara Park

South Korea [Im Yoong soo]Edit

Like Deuce and CeCe,the two are close friends.He and Busan usually hang-out at her house,similar to Busan,When she taught him how to DJ,It became K-pop.Examples of K-pop artist with Techno music are F(x),TVXQ,Lee Jung Hyun and BIGBANG

South Africa[Johanna Burg]Edit

One of Chcago's friends.They met during chemistry class when Chicago couldn't find a lab partner and she is the only one available.Whe she taught him how to DJ,it became Kwaito.She admited that it sounds a lot like Hip-Hop.

Germany [Ludwig Beilschmidt]Edit

He is a close friend of Chicago,The two met in music class (they are also seatmates).When she taught him how to DJ,It became Eurodance.Examples of Notable Eurodance artist are Cascada,ItaloBrothers,DJ BOBO and Jennifer Lopez

France [Francis Bonnefoy]Edit

She is one of Bella's friends.She was introduce to him by America during lunchbreak,,When she taught him how to DJ,It became French House.Examples of Notable French House artist are Daft Punk,Bob Sinclair and David Guetta

Italy [Both Feliciano and Romano]Edit

The two are one of the closest friends of Bella,the three meet each other during English class.She finds Feliciano cute yet clumsy and Romano as handsome yet tough to handle.When she taugh them how to DJ,It became Italo House(Romano) and Italo Disco(Feliciano).Examples are Alex Natale,49ers and Double Dee(Italo House).Gigi D'Agostino,Little Boots and Metro Area(Italo Disco)

Japan [Honda Kiku]Edit

The two are close friends,the two met during Japan's rocket launch presentation for science class(which ended destroying the teachers carpark).When she taugh him How to DJ,It became J-pop.Examples are Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume

New Jersey [Snowy Polizzi]Edit

The two are good friends,she often find her crazy because of her party habits.When she taugh her how to DJ,It became US garage.Notale examples are Joey Negro and Kerri Chandler

United Kingdom [Arthur Kirkland]Edit

The two are close friends,it's relatively unknown how they met.When she taugh him how to DJ,It became UK garage and Dubstep.Notable examples are Katy B(UK Garage) and Skrillex(Dubstep).However,examples of British/Scottish DJ's are Calvin Harris,Duke Dumont,A Guy Called Gerald,Somantha Fox,Steve Edwards and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Sweden [Berwald Oxenstierna]Edit

The two are actually are in good terms with each other.The two manage to see each other more than usual because Sweden rarely plays in Fifa World Cup.The two later became best-friends when two attended Swedish House Mafia's last concert in Miami,which Sweden comented that he wanted to brokedown and cry since that's his favorite band.When she taugh him how to DJ,it became Progrssive House.Example of Progrssive House artist is Swedish House Mafia and Avicii

Ibiza [Alejandro Carriedo]Edit

The two met in a nightclub.When she taught him how to DJ,It became Balearic beat.Unknown to her,He has a crush on her.Notable example is Roger Shah.

Netherlands [Tim Van Scheppingen ]Edit

One of Chicago's friends.The two met in Tommorowland Festival.When She taught him how to DJ.It became Dutch House.Notable Examples of Dutch House is Tiesto,Afrojack and Hardwell.

Austria [Roderich Edelstein]Edit

He actually hates her since he find house music really annoying and unclassically ungraceful.He also finds her unserious.Unknown to her,he also has a crush on her,forming a love-hate relationship.

Belgium [Emma]Edit

One of her friends.They met during lunch break by accident.Chicago is the one who convince her to create Tommorowland,which later cause the first time Netherlands and Chicago met and the birth of Tommorowland.


  • She is based on Shake it up! Character, CeCe Jones
  • Ironically,She has the same name with Bella Thorne
  • Technically,Progressive house music didn't come from Sweden,It just so happens that Swedish House Mafia is one of the most popular progressive house acts that came from Sweden
  • She is a fan of Chicago Bulls
  • Her relationship with Busan is similar to the friendship of CeCe and Rocky
  • Most of what she tought them,became regional scene (exept for Sweden)
  • The idea of her being smart when her life is threatend came from another disney show called Fish Hooks,where in an episode,a blue-colored fish named Milo (voice by Kyle Massey) needs his life threatend inorder to pass a test,with the help of his brother Oscar (voice by Justin Roiland) and Bea (voice by Chelsea Kane)
  • Eurodance is usually originated in Europe,not just Germany itself.The main reason eurodance fall into Germany is because of Cascada,which is a eurodance act from Germany (thought often mistaken that lead singer,Natalie Horler is Cascada herself).
  • Chicago is the Birthplace of House Music.Which explaines why she is naturally gifted at House Music
  • She is addicted to the YA novel Divergent,since the novels location is in Chicago.
  • Tommorowland is a House Music Festival in Belgium.
  • She thought that Netherlands last name came from Laidback Luke,which is true.

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