Chicago is a city located in illinois located in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! It is third most popular city in the U.S. The year of settlement was the 1780s. The year it was incorparated as a city was in 1833. His full name is Charlie J. Jones.


He is a major hot head who loves to talk about everyone else but hates it when people talk about him. He makes lame jokes 24/7. He cises a fuck ton. He is willing to help people out all the time, but the way he helps you out is by tell you to "Get your shit together bro. Stop being suck a little bitch. Be a extremely buff bitch who can fuck people up with a point of a finger. Thar's what I do." Chicago hates stereotyping especially when it comes to African Americans. He hates watermelon and refuses to eat fried chicken. He like fried chicken, but if he eats to much, he will go overboard with it. Chicago can't afford to eat to much fat considering how lazy he is. Chicago is alson not the kind of person to back away from a fight despite the fact that he can't fight. #noshame


He thinks he can rap and does it often. He thinks he can dance and will do it no matter how many times you beg him to stop. He can actuall play the drums and trumpit very well. Chicago love to cook and build things. Sometimes he likes to build things in his cooking. 


He like a milk chocolate kinda skin color with brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a bandana with the chicago flag printed on it. He wears a black shirt. He wears blue jeans. He wears fresh ass jordans.


lol to be continued

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