Chechnya/Russia is a fanmade pairing for Hetalia: Axis Powers, involving the characters Chechnya (Sulayman Dudayev) and Russia (Ivan Braginski). This pairing is sometimes referred to as RusNya, a portmanteau of their respective names.

The War YearsEdit

Throughout the course of the Eastern Front (or the Great Patriotic War according to Ivan), Sulayman rebelled against Ivan, and he was forced to reroute artillery meant for the front against Ludwig to quell the Chechen uprising.

Modern TimesEdit

When Sulayman made a bid for independence, Ivan was asked by his boss to keep him in line. Despite overwhelming force, however, Ivan could not establish effective control over Sulayman, and he was forced to withdraw.

When Ivan's apartment was bombed, it was blamed on Sulayman, and Ivan moved in (again) to reassert control. He finally succeeded, and he thought that he had killed Sulayman's secessionist tendencies, but in truth, it was only hidden underneath a supportive personality.

Factual SpeculationEdit

Chechnya's creator uses the Chechen Wars for most of his work about the two, although there is also a few works about the 1940 Chechen Revolt.


  • Ivan is oddly supportive of Sulayman's relationship with Hasna Somaya (Libya) but he is secretive when it comes to the why. When Hasna decided that she and Sulayman should "take it easy" while she recovers from the Libyan Civil War, Ivan offered his shoulder for Sulayman to lean on. He also became Sulayman's sounding board as they talked Sulayman's plans to secure his independence through revolution, just like what Hasna did, and then creating a pan-Islamic state with him and her as the leaders. But as most dreams were, it was just a dream. But it made Ivan curious enough to set the new KGB on Sulayman and Hasna.

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