Chechnya/Libya is a fanmade pairing for fanmade characters of Hetalia: Axis Powers, involving the characters Chechnya (Sulayman Dudayev) and Libya (Hasna Somaya). This pairing is sometimes referred to as ChechBya, a portmanteau of their respective names.

Modern timesEdit

This is one of the most recent pairings in Hetalia history, beginning only in 2011, when Chechnya met Libya in a Countries in Conflict Anonymous meeting. The two of them quickly established a rapport, although Chechnya was still initially apprehensive of contact. However, while he was in Libya training the rebels, he finally summoned the courage to ask Hasna out on a date, but they were nearly caught by pro-Gaddafi forces during their nighttime stroll. This planted the first seeds of their relationship.

When pro-Gaddafi forces attacked the rebel stronghold in the desert, Sulayman was able to see Hasna's ability in combat, and he fell deeper in love with her.

However, since the death of Gaddafi, Hasna has decided that she and Sulayman should 'take a break' until things settle down for her in Libya. Sulayman was reluctant at first, but he agreed to 'take a break'. They still see each other but are now just friends. Of course, this has had an adverse effect on Sulayman's state of mind; nations had noticed that he had a certain something around him when he was around with Hasna, and with their relationship now on a platonic level, this something had gone away from him.

When Sulayman found out that Hasna may probably enjoy Afghanistan's company more than his, he reportedly broke his Muslim vows and drank alcohol, while muttering madly about being "merely a territory," "not able to throw off his overlords," and most hurtful of all, "Why would she be attracted to a trying-and-failing-to-be-a-nationstate?" He was very affected about this.

It has recently been reported that Hasna confessed to Faheem (Afghanistan) that she 'fears' Sulayman's 'bad side', as she isn't sure what he could do next and she avoids seeing him for that reason.

This pairing is now one-sided as Hasna and Faheem are now 'going steady'.

After being informed of this, Sulayman, in a surprising display of self-control, accepted their breakup calmly, but he asked Hasna if they could still be friends. She seemed to accept the offer. "It was fun while it lasted," he supposedly said.


As of yet there are no fanworks of the two but Hasna's creator is currently working on a few.

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