Charlotte is a fan-made character in Hetalia: Axis Powers. She represents the City of Charlotte ,NC.



City of Charlotte

Human Name

Elizabeth "Charlotte" Jones

Age Apparent




Hair color


Eye color

Light blue




Queen City, The Hornets Nest


Charlotte wearing NC's jacket.



Charlotte has long, very thick hair that is dirty blond in color, and she has blue eyes. Charlotte likes to wear classy clothes, and always tries to wear North Carolina's aviation jacket (much to NC's distaste). But since it gets rather warm in Charlotte, she usually dresses lightly, preferring normal clothes and a skirt. Charlotte also owns a crown*, which has been bedazzled with green jewels. But it is very small, so it only serves to get her mocked by the other cities. 


Charlotte is a very calm, gentle girl. Generally quiet, she prefers to keep to herself. Because of her introverted personality, she is quite awkward. But nowadays she tries to reach out more, and her efforts to socialize has been further shown by her hosting of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Despite her introversion, Charlotte is ambitious and ends up accomplishing whatever she sets her mind to. 


Raleigh (North Carolina)- WIP

Atlanta (Georgia)- WIP

North Carolina (Olivia Jones)- WIP


  • Charlotte is pestered by three annoying, blue hornets that sometimes follow her around. They will trail her and try to sting her, but they may be imaginary as only she can see them. They are a reference to Charlotte's nickname of "The Hornets Nest", and the fact that the city was once described as a "hornets nest of rebellion".
  • Charlotte's crown is a reference to the city's nickname of "The Queen City". But seeing that Charlotte isn't a major world city, it is quite small.

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