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Claire Elizabeth Kirkland is a fan made character that has been made for the series known as Axis Powers Hetalia which was made by Hidekaz Himaruya.

Claire represents the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London as well being known as the younger sister of England. Her Ancestor was more familiarly known as Londinium who has been around during when the Roman's invaded Britain along side with Britannia until the events of Londinium being abandoned and more likely had died out due to the cause of this.

Appearance Edit

Claire herself has been shown to physically look like a 21 year old lady however differs on the actual facts that she is around approximately 2000 years old. Claire's design has physically changed during the history on Appearance as well mentally on her personality.

At modern times known to today, Claire has been mostly depicted to have long brown wavy hair, that's mostly seen either up in a bun or tied up and resting on her shoulder, with emerald coloured eyes and her skin is seen to be a bit pale however still remains showing at least some hue of colour. The reason for Claire's brown hair colour would be the fact it comes from Londinium as he had brown hair which more likely was passed to him by The Roman Empire. However when Claire was a young and small capital in her prime times she actually didn't have brown hair but blonde hair like England but like the process of children growing up, Claire started to slowly receive her brown hair when starting to grow up into a more young teen like appearance and forward.

For clothing choice she is normally seen wearing quite the same outfit as England but with a knee level skirt however this is more commonly worn in meetings with the other capitals. For her main outfit she has been shown to have two but one of them is an alternate clothing.

Personality Edit

London has been depicted to be quite an Affectionate and Smart lady who is very welcoming to other countries and capitals when they come over to visit her city as well is very intrigued to learn the countries cultures as she is home of around possibly 270 nationalities and 300 different languages. London always had a fondness with Engineering, Music, Museums, Festivals and others that contain entertainment for her to enjoy, making her a more upbeat person when free from her work at times. During WWII London gained the quality of being Strong-willed as she worked day and night on building Aircraft's, Guns and other sorts that would help out in the war and with anything else in that matter of time.

However London has been known to have a tendency to simply overwork at times due to her seriousness nature which tend to lead to her being a bit anti-social as she believes that interacting with over people may distract her leading to some faulty mistakes and could cause total chaos. This would cause her to have an outburst on someone if they kept trying to communicate to her, making it seem like she is actually a harsh lady except she didn't mean it in the first place due to stressing out a lot. London can even be quite defensive at a point on her feelings or even if someone brings up parts of her history which involved terrible memories that cause her to fully not be able to let go from it and have a struggle to actually tell someone about it even though she is able to listen to other people's problems and help them, so this means she tends to bottle up her feelings but ends up making it a whole lot worse. 

History Of London Edit

Medieval London (1066 - 1485) Edit

Tudor London (1485 - 1603) Edit

Stuart London (1603 - 1714) Edit

Georgian London (1714 - 1837) Edit

Victorian London (1837 - 1902) Edit

Modern London (1902 +) Edit

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