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General InfosEdit

Campania ( カンパニアKanpania ) is a fan-made character, who is the lil sister of Romano and Veneziano; she wasn't often with GrandPa Rome, but she ever loved him.

Regione Campania ( カンパニア )

Human name

Francesca Vargas






Italian and Neapolitan

Chief town



Parliamentary Republic




Francesca is young ( 18 Years Old ) and wears a scarf with italian flag, a simple top, red socks and jeans shorts. On the belts, there is the write "Pizza ~ Pasta". She has got a large breast. She has brown hair and eyes, typical of Italy, the curl like his brothers and grandpa Rome. She ever has a blush on her face, without any reason.


She's tsundere, terribly tsundere; when she meets somebody, say just "Hi". She loves really much her friends and hates stay alone. She loves cook, art, music, literature, animals. She really looks like his bro Veneziano when see kawaii things, expecially Kumajiro-San, aka Canada's bear, and she really looks like his bro Romano when a boy ( AND JUST BOYS ) hug her or take her hand. She has got "heavy hands". She is really frank.

Like his bro Romano, she likes to say Bastard! or something like that.

Marukaite ChikyuuEdit


ねえねえ PAPA ワインちょうだい
ねえねえ MAMA ねえねえ MAMA

あたし カンパニア

アア ひとふでで
見える 素晴らしい世界


Nee nee papa wain choudai
Nee nee mama nee nee mama
Mukashi ni tabeta pasta no
Ano aji ga wasurerarenainda

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Atahsi Kanpania

Aa hitofude de
Mieru subarashii sekai
Piza wa subarashidesu


Hey hey papa, give me wine
Hey hey mama, hey hey mama
I can't forget the taste,
Of the pasta I ate before

Draw a circle, there's Earth
Draw a circle, there's Earth
Draw a circle, there's Earth
I'm Campania

Ah, a fabulous world,
That can be seen with a swipe of a paintbrush,
The pizza is great


NORTH ITALY: Loves him, just like a brother, sometimes they looks like to die ...

ROMANO (aka South Italy): They're always togheter, have the same interests and Spain deluge of insults as if nothing had. They make ever pizzas and pasta togheter!

GRANDPA ROME: She ever loved him and they had a great relation; he teached to her all: draw, write, read.

GERMANY: For her is a normal friend and, like him, it's serious and diligent, often. When she looks like Veneziano, Germany rest shocking.

JAPAN: She has a little crush for him, but she never had admit that. When she's angry, she goes to him for a moment of relax. They're good friends.

ENGLAND: He's one of her best friends. At lil age, Campania ever went to him to escape from Spain. Why not to Austria, that is nearest? To go from Austria-san, had to go to France ... She enjoy really much his tea!

FRANCE: Don't talk of him in front of her. She starts to beat up everyone and everything.

CHINA: Normal friends, they have in common a passion for pretty things (but she hates Hel*PIXELS*ty, and that makes China sad...)

AMERICA: Great friends, they ever plays videogames or go to Mc Donald to eat really much. Together they shake the earth!

RUSSIA: She doesn't hate him, but he scary her...a bit...

CANADA: His boyfriend. At start, she "hated" him, but he knew that was not true. With him is open and is very affectionate. Even if it seems, does not want to broke with him absolutely ...

SPAIN: She doesn't hate him, cause he had care of her for much time. They are normal friends.

KUMAJIRO: Who touch him in front of her die.

SEALAND: She takes care of him like a mum and hate when England scolds him!

AUSTRIA: He is a reference point for her. They are great friends.

PRUSSIA: ...Nothing to say. They're just crazy!

HUNGARY AND SEYCHELLES: They are like big sisters; she loves they!

LITHUANIA: She loves his calm and his diligence. She comes to Russia just for him.

DENMARK: Her nordic's friend. They ever annoy Norway and plays togheter. They're great friends!

With other nations... All normal, like normal friends. :3


Simple photo.


Spain b-bastard...

Don't touch Kumajiro. He's just MINE.

Let me go or I'll kick you ass!

Canada-kun, je t'aime...

Ah! My french pronunciation sucks...

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