The republic of Togo is a fanmade character. all rights go to Italypasta and Americanburger!

                   The Republic of Togo'
      Camille Bellamy also know as Togo is a relatively new country ( if you consider 1963 new) she had been personified on January 13, 1963. She is a very bubbly girl but had been isolated for an awful long time. Her best friends are The Bad Touch Trio, North Italy, South Italy, and England. She can be incredibly sarcastic and mean, but caring when she wants to be. To this day she still mourns the death of her sister Bangal. She has dark brown hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She usually wears her uniform which consists of a mahogany button up, a black blaze, mahogany slacks, and Knee high combats.Template:Birthday: January 13th.

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