Cambridge is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. She represents the city of Cambridge, as well as Cambridgeshire, and not the university. In 2011, she was given the name Estrid Clarke.


Physical Age








Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



English, German, a bit of Latin


None as of yet



Cambridge has shoulder-length dark brown hair with wild strands, which is held back using red bobby pins. Her usual attire consists of a maroon blazer over a white school blouse, a black ribbon necktie, a red plaid skirt and shoes. She mostly takes after Rome, inheriting his dark brown hair and gold eyes. She also has semi-thick eyebrows.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Just like her fraternal twin brother, she is polite and formal with strangers, and only shows her true colors to her friends. She's outgoing and carefree, and brags about having a good university. She is intelligent and inherited Saxony's interest in reading. She's also tsundere, a trait she inherited from England, and because of that, she finds it hard to befriend others who aren't related to her in blood.

Cambrige likes playing basketball and soccer. She's very proud of her home and doesn't believe in magic. Being a very 'pure' person, she doesn't believe in gaining anything if you commit a crime. Unbeknowst to everyone except for Oxford, she is an expert in plants and poison.


Estrid is an Anglo-Saxon name, while Clarke means 'clerk' or 'scholar'.



Cambridge hates Rome for invading her big brother England. She had actually attempted to poison him with several poisons including Le Canterella. However, her attempts to kill Rome were failures. She still continues to hold hatred for Rome.


Cambridge was raised by Saxony in her younger years and looked up to him as a father figure. She was very upset when he died.


Cambridge's blood older brother. Cambridge has tried and failed teaching England how to make a proper dessert. Cambridge relies on England and isn't embarressed to admit it. She and England get along with each other, and Cambridge is proud to call him her older brother


Cambridge's fraternal twin brother. They hang out often and get along well. They were both raised by Saxony. They have mutual understanding of each other and trust each other a lot. They both are also known for boasting about their universities.


  • Cambridge and Oxford both have no given birthdays, since they have a long line of history. It is implied both of them forgotten their birthdays.
  • It is likely Oxford and Cambridge share the same birthday.
  • Cambridge has six siblings who have simliar status as her, Oxford, London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Plymouth.

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