California 1

California is one of the states(or children) of America. California is famous for its beaches,celebritites, and movies.


Angel is usually in "warm weather" attire, but occasionally in "winter attire." She usually hangs a camera around her neck. She has gray-blue eyes, brown eyebrows, attatched ear lobes and blond, medium-length hair usually tied in a ponytail . She's seen surfing alot, Mostly at Venice Beach.


She hates it when people drink on the beach, It causes pollution! Michelle has a law that drinking is illegal there. She also doesn't like bonfires, therefore a law against it. She's a particularly picky person. She's also a big Disney fan. She's so much of a fan, she has a theme-park of it. She is also a big sports-lover. Her favourite (basketball) team is the Los Angeles Lakers, she never misses a single game. She's just like her father, personality wise. Just as Alfred is, not many countries like her, not many states like her either. She's sort of loud and obnoxious.


Alfred F. Jones (America): She has close ties to her father, and her father has a special place in his heart for her. After all, the first McDonalds' was built here. She and her father also like to make movies. Michelle is a favourite of Alfred.

Nathan B. Jones (Nevada): He and his sister are pretty close. They also make movies together, with their beloved father, though, not quite often. He somehow convinced Michelle to legalize gambling. (Uncommerical, of course.)

Benjamin C. Williams (British Columbia): He and Michelle can usually be found playing basketball, when it's raining. Otherwise, they're either on a boat or surfing. He gets a little grumpy when they have to meet up in Canada or Northern California, when it's snowing in one of the two. Though, he and Michelle snowboard a lot (in the winter), and he completely forgets there's snow.

Physical Traits

Height: 5'6

Weight: 56kg

Hair Colour: Golden

Skin Colour: Dark Peach

Age Appearance: Seventeen


  • Michelle's birthdate corresponds with the date California became a state of the USA. (September 9th)


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