Human Name

Natasja Vargas


Bruttium (Greece)
Italia (A.Rome)


March 13,737 BC

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Hazel/Light Green

Skin Color




Calabria or Reggio de Calabria is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Power.Her Human Name is Natasja Vargas.


Like her brother,Lovino.She has light green/hazel eyes,dark brown hair and an olive complexion.Due to the Mediterranian climate of the city,she is mostly to wear sundresses (preferably yellow) and a hat.She is fond of wearing sunglasses.Like her brother,she too has a curl.


She is somewhat similar to Lovino,she is very sarcastic and tough but unlike him,she always manages to clam herself down and is very sociable to both men and women.She usually enjoys going to beaches,shopping and eating in seaside resturants.She is somewhat a history geek and enjoys going to museum in her city.She enjoys music,especially if the music has a 'Summer Vibe' on it's tone.


South ItalyEdit

Her older brother.Though they would swear at each other if one of them does something wrong,both of the care for each other.He enjoys the scenery of the sea whenever they eat at one of her seaside resturants.

North ItalyEdit

Her cousin.The two are very close to each other.He enjoys going to the beach and eating pizza at her seaside resturants with her.


One of her close friends.When he visited her city,he enjoyed it so much.When he left Calabria,he could not forget the beauty he witnessed and wrote a song about it.It late became a number-one hit in the US.


Her other brother.Both were under Ancient Greece's hands before she fell.Today,both enjoyed going to museums together.


  • The song Denmark wrote is the same name as hers.
  • She is more Greek than Italian.
  • Her birthday,March 13,is a reference to the release of 'Calabria 2007',but the year she was born is 737 BC,the year the Messenians began to govern Calabria.
  • Her nyotalia apperance is somewhat similar to Spain.
  • Some inaccuracy,pls notify me if there is one.

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