Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires

Human Name

Raphael Vespucio Carriedo




September 11

Hair Color


Skin Color


Eye Color





The city of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires or by human name Raphael Vespucio Carriedo is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Power.He is the youngest capital city in the world (aside from Pristina,since they are both 18).He represents the city of Buenos Aires,Argentina.His character was made for the upcoming Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2018.


He has spiky black hair,icy blue eyes and white skin.He wears a black jacket,a white v-neck shirt,black jeans and red rubber shoes,making him look like a "Bad Boy".He is also extremely good looking and young.He is extremely tall,about 6'1 ft tall.He speaks in a dreamy spanish accent.


He is very warm and friendly to other people,Especially if they are tourtist from other nations.He is very childish sometimes,and would always play pranks on others,just for fun though.He is also vey passionate and cheerful.He is also a very good dancer,especially when it comes to Tango,as Buenos Aires is the birthpalce of the famouse Dance/Music.Like Spain.He cannot read the atmosphere, nor does he even try so.He is also very sporty,he always plays football with his sister.Many people say that he is very romantic,even more romantic than France.



She is his older sister.He usually considers her as a mother-figure.


Spain is Buenos Aires distant uncle.The two are very close to each other.


One of his Best friends.Singapore told him that someday he might host the Summer Youth Olympics,which came true when the IOC announced that he would host the youth sporting event.


One of Buenos Aires Best friend.He said that he always beats him at soceer and dancesports,but Buenos Aires always loses in Badminton,as Nanjing is very good at it.


Glasglow has no respect for him.Glasglow always wanted to host the Youth Olympics ever since 2010,but all change when Buenos Aires won the event,causing hatered and jealousy as he only got 13 points from the first round,leaving him humiliated.He always calls him "Tango-bastard".


Despite the fact that she will not host the event,she repects him.


  • He is the youngest capital city in the world aside from Pristina.
  • He will host the Summer Youth Olympics in September 11,which is his birthday.
  • His character was made for the commemoration of the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games.
  • His Middle name came from Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti ,Which is located in the city it self.
  • Aside from being the youngest capital city in the world.He is also the youngest Autonomus City in the world,youngest city in South America and the youngest city in Argentina.

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