Brittany is a fanmade character for the series Axis Powers: Hetalia. She represents the former kingdom and duchy, united to the Kingdom of France, she is Brittany. 



Region of Brittany, Kingdom of Brittany, Duchy of Brittany

Human Name

Katrina Rozenn Gwilherm


17, 32,987

Hair Color


Eye Color



161cm (5ft3

She received the human name 'Katarin Rozenn Gwilherm'.



Brittany has a short height as 5'2ft (161cm). She has light blonde, slightly red hair that is normally tied in a bun and has navy blue eyes. She wears a winter uniform of the French Navy consisting a Breton striped shirt, a navy blue sailor top with a lighter blue collar, tie and cuffs with matching trousers and a white sailor hat showing her name on it, 'Katarin Rozenn Gwilherm'.

She also has a traditional dress and hat for special occasions.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Brittany is a sophisticated, knowledgeable young lady. She has an ideal determination in things that start badly or end badly. She is always eager to solve out problems and to help for eachother, but when you see her she is a quiet little girl with bare emotions nonetheless.

You could say she's once agreeable and then disagreeable with others. Other than that she is hard-working, independant and fun-loving.

While not being the smoothest honest nation, it isn't uncommon for her to lie. Explaining more, she isn't the sharpest knife in the draw, and she's also prone to playing innocent and forgetful. Everything together makes it difficult to know what she is planning.



Brittany looks up at France as a husband-material gentleman. Their relationship to one and another is just a tiny bit conflicting, considering the affairs of Anne of Brittany and the famous quote of 'It is forbidden to speak Breton and spit on the floor'.

France's and Brittany's relationship is sibling-like, they are protective of eachother.


You can't say it's hate or despite, you could say it's just disapproval. Britain's and Brittany's feelings towards another is opposing.

The Nordics (Vikings)Edit

At the beginning of the medieval era, Brittany changed to three different kingdoms but then merged together to be another Brittany again. After having secured independance, she was attacked by the vikings.

The disgusting hate of the nordics/vikings and the new kingdom of Brittany is conflicting. So then, that was the reason Brittany ceased to be a kingdom.


  • Brittany's human name means Blessed Rose Determined Protector.
  • England and Brittany doesn't really loathe eachother that much. England is just jealous because Brittany was referred as Britain first.


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