Britania point
waring this nation is based on a mythological place aprox. island north of Wales

Real Name: Edward Kirkland

Birthday: 4/23 560BC

A Brief History: Older brother to Britain, he mysteriously reappeared in the modern world and has started building a new empire. He is said to have created the worlds first sword and himself is a fencing prodogy at his reappearence Britain atempted to hide the older nation but was deafeated in what was know as The Battle of The Hills. Wanting to be re-reconized as a country he follows Britain into a war with the Spainish at which point Britainia was discovered by other nations. By 1934 He had grown in size to a small island and joined Britain in the Allied powers. He once made a habit of attemping to overthrow diffrent government of other nations but each time was deafeted...

Personality: He typicaly speaks in a quiet monotone and looks with a glazed expression untill a battle arises and his true emosions are reavealed he is affectionate only to family, children, and close friends his dispostion is a bit odd and gloomy but enjoys sunny things and light. He comes off strange to other nations due to his lack of social skill (attempts to kiss Germany because America said he should try being more friendly) becaus eof his bleak appearence he frightens animals away (like ireland there are no snakes on his island because he scared them away)


Britain: Being Britains older brother he exibits a strong affection for the younger nation but is consantly rebuffed for being too enthusiastic

Germany: In his age Britainia made an ally out of Germania after mistaking Germany for his old comrade he insantly wishes to reaffirm that bond mostly to the germans dismay

Italy: Remembering an old promise that he once made to his friend Rome he attempts to protect Italy and Romano from danger and war even if it means going against allies

China: Both nations were born around the same years they were playmates as children

Russia: Britainia admires Russias hidden anger and his ruthless attitude he says it reminds him of himself

America: Did it to annoy Britain and loves hamburgers

Niefelhiem:Vows to protect the young nation untill he grows


France: Due to Britains dislike of him Britainia feels shared emotion

Spain: Britainia wished to have custody over Romano but beated out by Spain

Scottland: He bullies Britian

Korea: Korea claims to have created swords which Britainia is proud to have made very proud

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