Bristol Finished

Art (C) Shannon Jessop shaz12hedgehog

Victoria Kirkland is the personification of The City of Bristol. Technically hundreds of years old, but her physical age is 21. Her intrests include Graffiting, inspired by Banksy, Fighter Planes and Hot Air Balloons.


Bristol has long chocolate brown hair supposedly after her Sibling Wales and green eyes after England .She wears a gold shirt and belt with a black military jacket, tie and trousers and a pair of brown boots. Unlike England, she doesn't have abnormally large eyebrows.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Much like England, she has a short temper and tends to have swearing fits. But she is a generally warm and friendly person. However, she can actually hold her drink, but she prefers drinking Ribena , A drink she invented back when she was 19. When she was 11, she started helping England ship cargo in and out of the country and by the time she was 12 she had one the most important docks in England. When she was 15, she was friends with Ireland, Iceland and France due to trading, but when she became 16, she started making friends with Spain and America



She generally gets along with England, though often getting into arguments about alcohol and food, but she really loves him since he is like a big brother to her and because she was rather close to him during the 11th Century when England started trading with other parts of the world.


America is like a little brother to Bristol. She gets along with him because she lead the expedition to discover America so she was one of the first to encounter him. As he got older, she enjoyed being around him because they both like to annoy England.


When she was 15, she and Iceland were friendly with each other and used to go fishing together, but then she stopped seeing him and started going fishing with America instead.

Spain & Portugal

When she was 13, she used to go and see Spain and Portugal and occasionally France and get drunk on wine. Nothing much really occurred between them apart from trading.

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