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Luciano da Silva is a fan-made character in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents Brazil(ブラジル, 'Burajiru)',' and was born on September 7.

Brazil (Luciano da Silva)

Brazil (Luciano da Silva)



Federative Republic of Brazil

Human Name:

Luciano da Silva




September 7




170 cm (5'6")

Hair Color:


Eye Color


Brazil's character belongs to anyone who wants him. It was established by many Latin Hetalia fans on LiveJournal that he would be a male and named Luciano.


Luciano has brown skin, brown eyes, short and black hair and a strong but not that tall body. He has thick eyebrows because of his past relation with England, who was a strong commercial power in Brazil back when he was an empire.

Personality and Interests Edit

Brazil always tries to make the best of all situations. Some of the things he enjoys include soccer, carnivals, soap operas, samba, and coffee in the morning too. He enjoys helping other developing nations and is especially on the good side with the African nations. He's very out-going, happy, and pretty relaxed, and easy going as well! And once you get to know him, Brazil's a pretty awesome guy!


Raised by Portugal, during the empire time Luciano also had strong influences from his brothers in Africa and, at some points, from other European countries like Netherlands, France, and England. After the abolition of slavery, immigrants from Italy, Germany, and Japan also influenced part of his history. Nowadays, Brazil is the sixth largest economy in the world, being proud of his position and struggling to keep increasing.



Luciano's relationship with Portugal, his parental figure, is not very good. Lu still has grievances about Portugal's government over him, like the exploitation of his natural resources and limitation of his trade agreements. More than that do well. Both share a great love for cod, sometimes tend to get carried away and talk for hours about it leaving the rest of the people without understanding anything. Lu likes to call him "sweet curmudgeon" from time to time, which irritates.


Despite always bickering with Argentina (mainly because of football, South America's lead and stupid reasons) their relationship is good in general, marked with many comercial and military agreements, despite losing several fights against Argentina in past times (War of Brasil).

United States

Brazil has a good relationship with Alfred, both are very cheerful and energetic, and share a certain love for video games and burgers, even Brazil telling him to eat less. He, also gets along well commercially with America (being one of the largest trading partners of Brazil). They sometimes tend to discuss the Amazon Forest, as Alfred wants and Brazil always says deliver it to him when pigs fly.


Uruguay, who was Brazil's and Argentina's colony, has a good relationship with Lu nowadays, being Lu's most trusted person in Latin America. Uruguay also prevents Argentina and Brazil from fighting, he complains of the two as it fights the strip seriously.


Luciano and China get along very well, with very good business relations. Lu sees China as a kind of older brother and China seeing him as a younger, and gets very angry if mechem with Luciano and vice-versa.


Along with Belarus and Ukraine, Luciano is not afraid of Russia, they get along very well. Still, Russia does not like Brazil to get too close to his sisters, but Lu says he will never do anything to them, especially with Ukraine, whom he likes very much. Russia enjoys visiting Luciano to escape the cold of their home and vice-versa. Both like to drink vodka together, even Luciano always getting drunk faster. Russia also asks if he would like to be a "one with him" and Luciano says no.


India is a cousin to Luciano, as a result of Portuguese colonization. Both get along well and like to take pictures style "swag" with sunglasses. They always come together to have fun too, especially watching Indian films together, not mess with India because Brazil has a truncheon that he's not afraid to use.


Luciano holds no grudge against Germany, as they are good friends, but Luciano gets pretty mad after the 7x1 Massacre in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, however, in the final, Luciano cheers for Germany and is pretty happy for them after they win the World Cup.

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