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James La Fayette-Jones is a fanmde character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represets the black/African-American population in America.

Black/African-American America

Human name

James La Fayette-Jones


April 9


6 feet 7 inches


165 pounds

Languages spoken

English (American), Swahili, French, Spanish and Creole




James resembels the stereotypical black man. He is very tall, has short black hair, dark brown eyes and is rather muscular.

He is usually seen wearing longsleeved white button down shirts, black slacks, a black blazer with the middle button done up, a black tie and black loafers.

During Mardi Gras, he wears more extravagant clothing.

He fought in the American Civil War for the Southern Confederacy and he wore the uniform perfectly. He also fought in WWI and WWII and he also wore those uniforms perfectly.

Personality and Interests

Despite looking very intimidating due to his height, James is what you would call a 'gentle giant'. He is rather shy around new people (this is mostly due to him being abused when he was slave) and he is very polite (he was taught to be polite by Jeanette). He is very respectful and he often doesn't speak unless he's spoken to.

Due to being in Jeanette's care and employment for a number of years, James takes an interest in voodoo. Although he doens't practice it or is obssesed with it as Jeanette is, he's still interested in it.

James was taught to read, write and count by Jeanette and since then he ahs taken a keen interest in learning things. He loves to read and work things out in his head. Jeanette also taught him how to speak French, Spanish and Creole and he still speaks those languages when he needs to.

James enojys playing sport, mainly basketball, football and, surprisingly to many, horse back riding. He races many horses in his spare time, although he can't work as a jockey due to his height.

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