Chloe Jones is a fanmade character for the Anime series Hetalia-Axis Powers and World Series. She is the representation of Beverly Hills, a affluent city in the U.S state of California. She appears as a eight-year old living with her caretaker, Alabama and has appeared in some fanfics.


Beverly Hills has shoulder-length dark brown hair worn down with a white ribbon and a tan complexion with brown eyes. She wears a pink beret with a light pink coat with white stockings and brown lace-up boots as her formal wear and also for a small time period in 1904. As a child, she wore a white and purple nightgown with white lace and purple accents and a purple ribbon. Her ribbon represents her most populous city, Rodeo Drive.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Beverly Hills has had a up and down history that was not so fabulous like it is now. As a child, she was bossed around by the surrounding cities ruled by Mexico and was called Westchester. She then became land for selling lima beans and often ate soup or stew with them, and was planning to be called Morocco.

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