Bern is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. He represents the capital of Switzerland. In 2011, he was given the name Ursus Zwingli.







February 18

Physical Age


Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color



Europe and Asia: Letters Times Three (fanfiction)



Bern has short, tufty light brown hair and turquoise eyes. He has exceptionally long legs for a guy his age. His usual attire consists of a maroon flatcap, a battered and torn tan vest over a white shirt and navy trousers tucked into a pair of brown hiking boots. In the 19th letter insert of Europe and Asia: Letters Times Three, it is revealed he carries around a rifle.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Bern is not as trigger-happy as his brother Switzerland, but he still will try and shoot down people who piss him off. He is a smoker and his appearance and smoking habit makes others thinks he is a member of the Mafia, which is not true. Bern is actually kind and just as 'neutral' as his brother is, and is shown to get angry at Vienna when the other capital 'pushed the blame' on 'us', most likely referring to himself, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. He also enjoys going to theatres to watch plays.



Bern gets along quite well with his brother, even though they don't talk to each other much. Bern actually looks up to Switzerland and admires him.


Bern feels that Liechtenstein is fine on her own and doesn't need as much help Switzerland thinks. Whenever he tries making use of Liechtenstein as a maid, Switzerland will try and shoot him.


  • Bern's birthday, February 18, corresponds with the date the founder of Bern, Berthold V, died, February 18 1218.
  • Bern's creator, Korro Hinaru, states that Bern has a pet bear cub.

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