Emma Freiden Beilschmidt is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.  She represents East Berlin (東ベルリン, East Berlin)


East Berlin appears to have short wavy blonde hair (When down it's around her shoulders( that is always kept in a very high pony tail.  She wears a lacy white bow in her hair to represent her freedom from the Soviet Union's control during the tear down of the Berlin Wall.  Up until the 1990s, Germany and Prussia did not allow any female to join their army, until the debate happened in Berlin.  Before she was aloud to wear an official German uniform, she wore a long black sleeved shirt with the German flag on her right arm, and the German Golden Eagle sign of freedom on her back.  The sleeves were lined with gold and red (rot and guld) and goes for the same wither her long black pants.

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