Bavaria is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. He is a retired and dissolved nation, and represents the Kingdom of Bavaria. In 2011, he was given the human name Theodor Beilschmidt.

Today he is called "Freistaat Bayern" and represents the free German state Bavaria.

Kingdom of Bavaria



Physical Age





1 August

Death Anniversary

12 November

Hair Color

Blond/ Dark Blond

Eye Color




Bavaria has short,blonde hair and blue eyes. For his military uniform, he wears a dark blue coat with gold buttons, a white dress shirt, black breeches and knee-high black boots. His coat is a reflection of his alliance with Austria, something which pisses off Prussia.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Bavaria is playful when not in the battlefield, and takes enjoyment in playing pranks. But he is serious and firm when it comes to important matters. He hates Prussia because of the German wars, in which Bavaria lost his independence (also his boss kinda "sold" him, but thats not the important thing here). Prussia remains mad at him today for two reasons: one being that Bavaria had played numerous pranks on him for pleasure, the second for being Austria's ally during the War of Austrian Succession. Another reason, which happens to be the most major, was because of Ludwig |||, who was accused of being blindly loyal to Prussia. The Kingdom Bavaria dissolved a year later, today he lives as a "Freistaat" at Germanys house. (Freistaat means a more independent part of a state.)

He wants to be independet again and hates Germany, who doesn´t let him go because Bavaria is the richest German state and so, Germany would lose a lot of money.

He actually never accepted the German federal law.



The two had an unsteady sibling relationship, due to Prussia being the main victim of Bavaria's pranks. Their relationship worsened when Bavaria sided with Austria during the War of Austrian Succession. Bavaria also hates Prussia, but until today he believes he is still existing. 


It´s a love-hate relationship, since they fought several times against each other, but were also allied often. After the 30-years-war Austria controlled Bavaria until 1705. Speaking the same dialect creates a "bro"-ish atmosphere.


  • Bavaria's birthday corresponds with the date Bavaria was seperated from the Holy Roman Empire as an independent nation, 1 August 1806. His death anniversary corresponds with the date the Anif declaration was issued, 12 November 1918.
  • Bavaria officially appeared in the summary of the strip, War of Austrian Succession.
  • Bavaria was mentioned in Hesse's birthday letter in the fanfiction, Europe and Asia: Letters Times Three.