Shakira Rodriguez is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Power.She represents the City of Barranquilla.







Febuary 2,1813


Shakira (everyone)

Hair Color

Blond (now)
Black (then)

Eye Color


Skin Color





City of Barranquilla (English)
Ciudad de Barranquilla (Spanish)


She has Blond Hair (used to be Black),Brown Eyes and White Skin.She has an AMAZING physique and is considered to be sexy and very pretty.She originally had black hair,but because of the success Shakira's having she too change her hair to blond.She is seen wearing a leather jacket. She dyed her hair blonde so she can be accepted in America and she is ashamed of herself with black hair


She is a happy-go-luck and a fun person who would rather celebrate the life she and her people has given to her rather that making a fuss why does she exist.Since Colombia was a Spanish colony,she can't also read the atmosphere and doesn't bother trying.She is also a skilled belly-dancer and a skilled singer.



Unlike other cities in Colombia such as Cartagena.Barranquilla was not founded during the Spanish colonial period and it was not founded on a pre-Columbian site.So it can assumed Spain could not be her adoptive-uncle (duh) until he took her under his wing.During the Era of Independece (1808-1823).She finally had the courage to go stand up for herself and fought against him for her independece along with the rest of Colombia (which was victorious).Today,she still sees him as her uncle and her would visit her carnival and her beaches.


She has multiple encounters with Romano.Aside from that,He has a friendly relationship with her.



Shakira as Barranquilla

The character Barranquilla is inspired by Shakira


  • Her Birthyear is 1813,the year she was establish.But her birthday is Febuary 2,the day Shakira was born.
  • There are a lot of Shakira references,such as her body,her voice,her ability to speak Arabic etc.
    • In real-life,Barraquilla has a MIddle Eastern culture due to the arrivals of the MIddle Eastern immigrants following WWI and WWII.
  • She is also nicknamed as Colombias Golden Gate (Spanish: La Puerta de Oro de Colombia),as it is the principla port of Colombia.
  • Her happy-go-lucky personality is a mirror to the Carnival of Barranqullia (Spanish:Carnival de Barranquilla).Which is declared by UNESCO and the Congress of Colombia as a National Cultural Heritage.
  • Aside from Shakira,There are also Famous Colombian singers from the city such as Maia.
  • Few innacuraccies,pls notify me if you see one.

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